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Mon 16.3.

Work and Society

Tue, 17.3.


Wed, 18.3.


Thu, 19.3.


Fri, 20.3.


Sat, 21.3.

Sustainable Economics

Sun, 22.3.

Relax and Leaving

The Winter School was very good balanced, it couldn’t be better. I really love the schedule with all the good speakers and inspirational insights!

Lena Hey, participant Winter School 2018

Work and Society

  • Utopia of Work
  • Hierarchy and cooperation in the digitalized working society
  • Degression of hierarchies in the working world and potential requirements towards the state – a comparison


  • Understanding of the global working world
  • Access to social protection for workers and self- employed
  • Introduction into Digitization – control and risks in terms of data and trade of personal data


  • Visions of the working world – future requirements? Which jobs will sustainably persist
  • Work and migration – future working places and influences on migration
  • Movie and Discussion (the title oft he movie is soon to be announced)


  • Our understanding of the working world – what is actually work?
  • Demographic change – burden of the young generation. What are the consequences?


  • Examlple of structural change of the working world – excursion to Zeche Zollverein, a decomissioned Colliery. UNESCO world heritage

Sustainable Economics

  • How can we accomplish sustained economic growth?