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Developing your agency facing the ecological crisis

In our 5-day event, we want to investigate the topic of sustainability on multiple levels, with a main focus on the relationship between the individual and the collective. 

Our main questions are: What is sustainability?; where can I as an individual begin action?; and how can we collectively make sure this action is sustained, without being completely dependent on every individual‘s daily choices? These questions aim at reaching a deeper and more encompassing understanding of the topic of climate change.

We want us and our participants to explore the individual‘s role in the system that is climate change. We want us to find ways of coping with the seemingly insurmountable challenges that lie before us. There must be a challenge of changing one‘s own outlook and behaviour in a societal endeavour like sustainability…

But we also want to understand the mechanisms in politics, economics, and society that are at play and that are perhaps important to adapt and change in our path ahead. It mustn‘t be down to individual consumers to carry the world on their shoulders. There are bigger things at play, we are sure!

We do not necessarily seek to provide concrete answers to specific questions; but rather find that the same question holds different meanings depending on the context we are asking it in. Hence, when trying to find answers about the nature of sustainability for example, we expect to find different points in different perspectives – especially as we move from individual to collective, and provide the space for different perspectives to engage in learning and sharing.

Our main goal is to connect people of diverse and international backgrounds to exchange their perspectives and get new grasps of the problems we deal with. We hope to explore new grounds of coping and self-understanding, value-creation, and effective engagement in politics, economics, and our immediate surroundings. 

Perhaps we will find new tools that allow us to take up responsibility while being able to rely on our surroundings too. We want to share and spread our belief that climate change is a deep and complex topic that demands deeper understanding and exploration which might lead us to places we did not expect to come out of.


Activities to grow together

The Winter School thrives on the fact that we not only discuss and learn with each other, but also socialise with each other, meet new people and have fun. We want to make the Winter School interactive and still keep it a way that everyone feels comfortable. You can find out more about our values and how we imagine the Winter School apart from our intellectual programme here.

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