Since 2007, each year around 30 international students gather at University Witten/ Herdecke for one week and participate at the oikos Winter School. The students jointly create a scope for ideas and impulses concerning sustainability in social, ecological and economical dimension. During the week the participants analyze theories, methods and case studies and have the possibility to discuss and create new ideas.  

Oikos International is an international student organization which was found in 1987 and is by now netted at 40 universities worldwide. The organization stands for sustainability in economics and management and underlines in several projects the urgency of sustainability and how it can be implemented in our society. Oikos International pursues the goal of creating a more conscious approach in regard of current actions and possible consequences. 

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The “Ruhrpott”

Welcome to Witten at the Ruhr! For centuries, the Ruhr district lovely called “Ruhrpott” has been a meeting point and melting pot(t) of cultures and people from various international backgrounds.

Originally, it was the industrial revolution and the golden age of coal and steel production and trade that attracted people from all over Europe and the world to come to the Ruhr basin. Nowadays, the Ruhr metropolitan area with one of the highest densities of universities, research institutes and cultural institutions in Europe is the driving force of internationalization. 

Witten/Herdecke University

The University Witten/ Herdecke educates young, innovative students in the study of medicine, dentistry, psychology and economics for more than 30 years now. The university is well known for its small courses, the personal contact among the academics and the students and the room for individual development. 

The university’s motto is “Encourage freedom – Strive for truth – Assume social responsibility” and guides each students during their path of education. 

The University Witten/ Herdecke empowers students to think outside the box and to commit oneself in several projects and institutions. In addition to that, the students are able to learn from each other and to cross borders within the different faculties and to learn new content from their fellow students. 

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