Corona Oikos Winter School is not cancelled

We are happy to announce you that the conference is not cancelled. According to the actual situation we decided to make an online conference around 21st of August. In this way we want to give the opportunity to the people interested on the topic to receive new information and share with others their experience.

You want to be a Changemaker?

Welcome to the next oikos Winter School

The oikos Witten/Herdecke Chapter is pleased to organize the 16th oikos Winter School at Witten/Herdecke University.

Our this years focus will be the progress that takes place in the sphere of work:  development of work & its global consequences

What is it about…

Our → team is organizing the conference entitled WORK in progress (→ programme).  We are glad to invite you and share this experience with you. The conference will focus on how to make our world of work fairer and more sustainable.


The content will be based on the 8th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of the United Nations, which demands not only sustainable, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, but also full and productive employment and decent work. In the course of the conference, we will focus on the last two points and get to the bottom of their meaning, implementation and meaningfulness. We will try to look into the future, in which we will address the question of how external factors such as climate change and digitalization affect the sphere of work. 

Main Points

It will arise the question about the justice of payments and security and also important topics such as the “demarcation of work from private life”. It will be created a framework in which we can think about alternative concepts of work. In preparation for this “looking into the future”, we will address both the issues of justice and sustainability in our world of work and we will analyze the various meanings of the concept of “work”. 


Why you should join us

During the conference the participants will learn much new concepts and for sure will take with them new points of view and new useful concepts for their personal life and for sure for their future integration in the world of work. We want to make a really interactive conference. For this reason we decided to have a maximum of 30 participants, so you better be quick.


We are certain that a small group will provide the opportunity to create a soothing environment for discussions and networking opportunities. We are looking forward to your own perspectives and opinions to enrich this week. You will have the opportunity to manifest yourself, to take much information and to see other points of view and of course you will have the possibility to pass a great week in Germany, with much fun, much new contacts and new friends. (see the Background


The location

One big advantage of our conference is for sure also the geographical location. Witten is situated in the heart of the Ruhr area: A perfect starting point to explore the beauty of the Ruhr valley and its industrial heritage and it is a perfect example of the evolution of the World of Work.


You will have the opportunity to visit personal this unique peace of Germany. The Ruhr district has been a meeting point and melting pot of cultures and people from various international backgrounds. Originally, it was the industrial revolution and the golden age of coal and steel production and trade that attracted people from all over Europe and the world to come to the Ruhr basin. Nowadays, the Ruhr metropolitan area with one of the highest densities of universities, research institutes and cultural institutions in Europe is the driving force of internationalization. 


welcome to Witten

About your Stay

During the conference we’ll take care of your accommodation (for meeting more people and for making more friend you will be placed with other local students) and all what’s necessary during your stay. We are excited to welcome you to our university and can’t wait for your  registration!

We thank our supporters