Welcome to the first oikos Winter School in summer
from 21st to 23rd Aug. 2020

This years oikos Winter School will be different, too. When we were just about to start an intensive week in March, Corona hit us and turned the world upside down. It took us some effort to rearrange and organize not just another online conference but one that we can proudly present and entitle the first online Winter School, held in summer from 21st to 23rd of August 2020.

We will get a closer insight into the topic “WORK in progress – Development of Work & its Global Consequences” together with true experts on that field. The current situation shows best that this subject has never before been as relevant and as tangible as before. The current situation gives an exemplary insight in how our world works, and what impact globalization and digitization have on society, our world and, what we will focus on: our working world.  

What is it about …

What impact do digitization, as well as future health and climate catastrophes have on our current working world and the way businesses are led and economy is running? 

What other concepts are there in order to create the working world socially-acceptable and sustainable? 

These and more questions will be dealt with in the oikos Winter School. As the younger generation will be particularly affected by the accelerated changes in the world of work, we would like to ask you to participate this year’s oikos conference. Together, we can discuss and learn from each other and sharpen our view for alternatives and different ideas. Despite the expertise of the speakers, we are excited to learn from your own experiences, to exchange and create ideas regarding future concepts of work. 

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