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Developing your agency facing the ecological crisis

From 27 to 31 March 2023 we will welcome you to our Winter School here in Witten!

the 17th Oikos Winter school

The Winter School this year focuses on the journey of individuals to a sustainable society. With the aim of finding out what a single person can do to address climate change and how we as individuals find our place in society. We will explore different questions, discuss together and develop tools to create more sustainability together. Join us this time to tell your story, build networks and create a sustainable society with allies.


How we design our program, which speakers we invite and what added value the Winter School will bring you in the end depends very much on our values. We want to create a unique experience for you, where you not only learn a lot, but also gain hope and look strengthened into the future. This is the only way we can transform society in a sustainable way.


About us

Meet the Team behind the Winter School

Our team consists of Master’s and Bachelor’s students from different degree programmes. Although we all study at Witten/Herdecke University, we come from different regions and countries. This year we are international! Get to know us and what motivates us to organise the Winter School.

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More than just Input!

In addition to first-class keynotes and workshops, we also want to devote ourselves to the personal level – because a social transformation presupposes an individual one. You will soon find out what exactly you can look forward to and which speakers we are inviting. Stay tuned!


Oikos & Winterschool

Oikos is an international student association that promotes sustainability in economics and management education. Founded in 1987 at the University of St. Gallen, Oikos is now active in 50 charters worldwide! Learn more about Oikos here.

The Winter School manifests the basic idea of Oikos and allows students from all over the world to come together, exchange ideas and inspire each other in order to jointly shape a sustainable society of the future. Since 2006, the Winter School has been held at Witten/Herdecke University. Find out more about past Winter Schools and the current organising team here.

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